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Prison Architect 2 Announcement Trailer

Prison Architect 2 Announcement Trailer

Paradox Interactive has announced a sequel to the award-winning Prison Architect game, now in glorious 3D! Watch the trailer right here before reading on to my thoughts.

Anxiously Optimistic

For some reason, designing an inescapable prison was my life’s goal for many months. And with each update, fist from Introversion and then Paradox, added more bugs, features, and obscure personality traits – I just couldn’t get enough. Judging purely from the trailer and screen shots, this looks like more than just a fancy reskin of the 2D game, a statement that I hope holds true on final release. The amount of DLC eventually turned me off to the game, but only because the stability and code quality seemed to have taken a nosedive.

This is not the first time Prison Architect has gone into 3D though, as the base game actually had a secret 3D mode for years, I wrote about that here on our old website.

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