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Announcing Our New Game

Announcing Our New Game

After many years in development, we are excited to introduce you to: Tony “The Turnaround” Tortellini, a reformed mafia member who’s trying to trade his bulletproof vest for a bathrobe and retire in Sunrise City. But oh no, it’s not that simple! Tony’s old crew can’t handle his new zen lifestyle and his mother still thinks he’s not man enough unless he’s running the family “olive oil business”.

So, while Tony’s trying to perfect his downward dog pose and sip on green smoothies, his past keeps pulling him back into a life of crime. And you? You’re just trying to help Tony pick up his dry cleaning without getting it riddled with bullets and make his 1pm tee time without the golf cart exploding. It’s a game of mundane tasks turned extreme, where every choice you make sends ripples through Tony’s world.

Will you manage to keep Tony’s blood pressure down, or will you cave to the pressure and find him back in the mob life? It’s a tough balancing act of trying to keep Tony’s past in the past while also attempting to accomplish the simplest of tasks, like getting to the grocery store without a car chase or making it to bingo night without a turf war breaking out.

The fate of his retirement and your amusement rests in your trigger-happy hands. Welcome to “The Escape: Sunrise City” – where the only thing more unpredictable than the weather is whether Tony will make it to dinner without being “whacked”.

Created in the latest development build of Unreal Engine 5, the visuals and storytelling mechanics of our game are rivaled only to that of other AAAA games, to which we could only find 1 from Ubisoft and it was something about pirates. No expense has been spared and all radio stations in game are actually streaming live from real internet radio stations around the globe. The entire story campaign blends with multiplayer and co-op seamlessly, as friends can join you at any point in the game and even try to aid – or ruin you.

With such a large project near completion, a PC release is expected in November of this year, with console ports coming about 7 months later so we can deliver a truly optimized port. Your typical battle pass is included with the ultra-premium pre-order package, which guarantees the first 2 episodes of DLC coming every 2 months once the game officially launches.

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